Oh Deer! – The Forest Storyteller

Deers are such beautiful creatures, here is a collection of Sambar Deer, Black Buck and Spotted Deer. Just a contrast post from my previous post of The Royal Bengal Tiger collection.

Sambar Deer

Black Buck Spotted Deer Spotted Deer (2)


24 thoughts on “Oh Deer! – The Forest Storyteller

  1. Deer are indeed beautiful creatures. In my home state, there are thousands of car-deer accidents each year though which is sad for all involved. They used to roam around our yard playing and eating.

  2. As always, great photos. We have a herd of blacktail deer that consider our five acres part of their territory, Naresh. One likes to sleep on our back porch. It’s fascinating to participate in their lives. The bucks’ horns are now in velvet and a couple of the does have had fawns this past week. They hide their babies for two to three weeks. Our property backs up to over a million acres of national forest land so we are privileged to see lots of wildlife.

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