Delhi Rape Case – Hyderabad Protest

This is one of the most sad and cruel incidents which recently happened in India (New Delhi). A 23-year-old woman who is a physiotherapy intern, along with her male friend boarded a wrong bus at late night. The driver along with gang of 5 a**holes, hit the male friend with an iron rod and made him unconscious.

She was cruelly hit with the rusted iron rod and dragged to the rear of the bus and raped her so brutally that I can’t even describe. The brave woman fought for her life so badly, she survived for 13 days under a very bad condition until 29th of December 2012. This was a small youth protest which happened in Hyderabad.

May her soul R.I.P.


8 thoughts on “Delhi Rape Case – Hyderabad Protest

  1. What the youth are doing…to speak out against it…shows that there are still good people in the world. My prayers for that woman and man who were tortured so. I can’t even imagine, but it could easily be me. I hope this year, real differences can be made all around the world to prevent tragedies like this.

    1. Yeah…we wish the same….as this is a democratic country. … the government cannot take hanging as punishment so easily. …. I mean they just cannot go for emotions….they need to make the law more strict with a justified punishment. …. the law really needs a huge upgrade right now… as these cases are increasing day by day…

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