This is an interesting insect. I’ve seen a lot of green colored Grasshoppers but never came across a one like this. It is not that I’m the first guy who discovered this, but this is the first time I’ve seen such a thing.


42 thoughts on “Grasshopper

    1. Yeah, it is same here as well, mostly in plain green….but this was something odd, the moment i noticed it in my backyard. I went running into my house, grabbed my camera…..did all the setting on the way back and shot it. Luckily it was still there 🙂 Thank God 🙂

  1. Oh my goodness that is a unique grasshopper. So very pretty. Thanks for sharing! And, thanks for visiting my blog and liking “Silence”. Please stop by and visit again soon! Robyn

  2. Pleasure meeting you and viewing some of your outstanding photography.
    Thanks for following and giving me this opportunity! looking forward to seeing more of your posts. Eddie

    1. I just found this info from one of my FB followers. – “This is Poicelosarus Calatropis.It lives only on Calatropis plants (The plant has wide oval thick leaves, and secrets milk like liquid) which has many harmfull alkeloids.Don’t try to scare it, b’cuse it can spray a very irritating jet of fluid in 6 directions.”

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